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just a question

why did you add the spanish as an alternate language? did you uploaded the game to a latin/spanish web page? im just curious.

BTW: In spanish rencarny is Reencarnado, rencarny soul is: Alma reencarnada. My home language is spanish...

BBTW: I love all your games!!! you're awesome!

LiLg responds:

I wanted more people to enjoy the game. I was going to Chinese as well but my translator disappeared.

Great game but...

the items don't combine when the game is in high quality

Awesome game...as always

i'm really pissed off with the reviews of this game, this is the first madness day game that makes me think. This is good i mean before you do something it's obvious you have to plan the action. Not everything it's done by randomness.
I say this is amazing you don't have just to point with a gun to some guy, you have to think the consecuences of making it.

BoMToons responds:

It was bound to raise some eyebrows when we decided to make a PUZZLE game based on the madness universe...

This is what it's like when worlds collide.


this is just awesome and bad-ass...i write this just to inform that the PREV button doesn't work.

HongKongBong responds:

Ah thanks! We'll fix that.

Great game

it's great, i don't know why it's rated at 3.47 now, probably because of the music and the sound effects, in a movie or an art gallery should be fine, but in a game it suck, i mean the music it's really good but you used in the wrong way the music makes the game repetitive and bored, and the sound effects (i mean the sound when you get an blue cloud) makes the game less fun.

excelent game

great game dude its really addictive and the music it's awesome the sonds effects are incredible and the enemys cool you can try making more advanced enemys design and give more work on the spacecraft. its a really cool game the platform its great.


great game it's addictive and entertaining the music reassures you as tri-edge64 says it dont make you lose your mind when you lost,because the music and the background excelent work.

great game

its surprisingly addictive and the plataform is excelent great job dude

Sup newgrounds, I love this page and I wanted to join since 10, always wanted to collaborate in something, uploading movies or writing helpful reviews, so I hope doing it, see you later.

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